Week in Fairfax: Fairfax City Manager Bob Sisson Announces Retirement

After serving the City of Fairfax for more than 27 years, City Manager Bob Sisson announced his retirement at a special City Council meeting. Sisson’s tenure with the city makes him one of the region’s longest-serving local government administrators. His retirement will be effective July 1, 2018.

In a statement given to the City Council, Sisson expressed his appreciation to the elected leadership of the city and to his fellow employees. Sisson said, “I’m pleased that I leave the city in good shape financially and operationally with such a bright future ahead.”

The city has consistently been ranked in the top 10 places to live in the country, and recognition for the city’s livability, safety and services has grown steadily during Sisson’s time as city manager. Mayor David Meyer commented following Sisson’s announcement that the city had made significant progress during the city manager’s tenure. “Bob Sisson has led the city staff through nearly three decades of great change for the City of Fairfax. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have Bob as our city manager, and we’re very appreciative for his leadership and commitment on behalf of all our citizens.”

Mayor Meyer announced that the Mayor and City Council would immediately begin a process to select a new city manager with the aid of an executive search consultant. A new city manager is expected to be in place during the fall.

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