Bargeron, Sully Police Officer of the Year in Centreville

PFC Zachary Bargeron is the Sully District Police Station’s Office of the Year for 2022. He was honored at the Feb. 8 meeting of the station’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).  

Nominating him was Sgt. Dave Popik, who noted that Bargeron has “spearheaded the St. Germain Drive IPAC (Integrating Police and Community) area for the Midnight Patrol Shift. He makes arrests almost nightly steaming from this zone.”  

Popik said Bargeron has identified the frequent offenders there and “actively targets them. From his arrests, he’s developed information that he’s shared with the station Neighborhood Patrol Unit [NPU] involving narcotics distribution in the area.”  

As a result, wrote Popik, “In conjunction with NPU, Bargeron and the narcotics unit have made several arrests and are currently attempting to identify the dealers. Due to PFC Bargeron’s teamwork philosophy and investigative abilities, he was selected to be transferred to the Neighborhood Patrol Unit.”

According to Popik, Bargeron is also a Field Training Instructor and an informal leader on the squad. He works with younger officers to help them develop and grow professionally. And, wrote Popik, “He sets an example and motivates his squad mates to be proactive.” 

Besides his latest honor, Bargeron was recognized as the officer of the month in June 2022 because of a robbery case he worked on. The victim was trying to sell shoes worth $1,000 when, instead, the prospective “buyer” stole them. 

“Bargeron was able to develop a suspect and charge them with the theft, as well as retrieve the stolen property and return it to the victim,” said Popik. “The family of the victim was so happy over the service Bargeron provided, they posted it on the local social-media boards, resulting in a positive response from the community.”

All in all, wrote Popik, “Bargeron has been a huge asset to the squad. I’m happy to see him transferred to NPU, where he will be a huge asset for them, too. He’s worked hard and is very deserving of the position. Selfishly, I’m sad to lose him but want to recognize his efforts before he leaves.”

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