Second Story Backpacks from Women’s Club of McLean

The Woman’s Club of McLean has long supported Second Story, a non profit organization in Fairfax County providing counseling and residential housing for teens, young mothers, and their children who were living in unsafe residential situations. In 2022, Second Story served 213 young mothers, their children, and teenagers and 100% were moved to safe living situations. 

To help Second Story, The Woman’s Club of McLean decided to purchase and outfit backpacks for the school aged children involved in the program.

In the summer, the McLean Woman's Club raised $1300 to purchase and outfit the backpacks. The Club sought advice from a Fairfax County teacher as to supplies and provide special guidance for a first grader backpack. Various vendors such as Target, Staples and EBay were strategically shopped and spreadsheets were kept to track donations, supplies and expenditures. One Woman’s Club member scheduled an afternoon tea to get volunteers to stuff the backpacks. An assembly line was created to stuff pencil boxes, glue sticks, pencils, notebooks, erasers and other items. Later that afternoon, 40 backpacks were delivered to Second Story. Now that it’s September, The Woman’s Club of McLean wishes all the new students in the Second Story Program a successful school year.